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Ratesetter soft check for 18+ content unlock

By: timwilliams25 | 21-01-2018 11:23

For many years now, giffgaff have only accepted driving license or passport check for 18+ content unlock. There has been talk on many occasions to allow other forms of ID, but nothing seems to have come from it.

Each day, there are queires on the forum on how to lift 18+ barr, with many members frustrated but the lack of ways to do this.

My suggestion:

Now we have Ratesetter soft credit checks linked to members accounts, why don't giffgaff look into utilising this check as another method of unlocked 18+ content. The soft credit check will check age etc. and the member's credit score is not impacted on.

Benefits of implementing this:

  1. Easier for members to lift 18+ barr if they do not have documents that are currently required
  2. The check would automaitically be linked to the giffgaff members account and would not impact on any future credit score.
  3. giffgaff members are made aware of their potential to gain a loan (even if they had not thought of a new phone). A positive soft credit check may also influence a decision for a new phone purchase - therefore potentially increasing giffgaff phone sales.... Ka-Ching!



by: mattnat18
on: 16-02-2018 05:21
Easier for members to lift 18+ barr if they do not have documents that are currently required
by: ungourin
on: 07-02-2018 22:09

very thought out idea well done

by: sm1976
on: 08-02-2018 14:09

https://labs.giffgaff.com/idea/16701171/removal-of... https://labs.giffgaff.com/idea/16701797/fair-age-v...

by: mcilwraith
on: 07-02-2018 16:00

like myself and many other members we will never have had a credit check with ratesetter.the multiple phones i have bought from giffgaff have all been bought outright

any suggestions for us?

apart from there already being ways around this that under 18`s would probably find quicker than most adults

by: eluminea
on: 07-02-2018 12:02

Not sure about that.

by: ip633
on: 07-02-2018 11:17

I’ve really no idea if such an approach is feasible or not, but I’d always welcome an alternative method of removing the adult content restriction. But they already have a ready-made solution in credit card age verification, as the technology already exists, and indeed has been adopted by most networks (including their parent network O2). I can’t post a link on this website, but there was a very popular idea to improve the current system to include credit cards, which they came very close to implementing (back in 2013), before they changed their mind. It’s very disappointing (to put it mildly), that we’re still having this discussion today.

As you rightly point out, the lack of a reliable system for lifting the bar, continues to cause a lot of frustration for many people, and it’s for giffgaff to explain why the issue has never really been prioritised. I’d say it’s worth having this discussion in Contribute, but I’m not sure what more can be said on the subject, that hasn’t already been said before.

by: firoze
on: 16-02-2018 11:24

I suspect this would lead to legal issues and with respect to the relationship with Ratesetter.

Furthermore, most of us have no dealings with this third-party company anyway.

That being said, there is clearly a need to re-look at the issue more generally.

giffgaff are required by OFCOM to restrict the access to sites with adult themes through its data network.

If you are 18 or over you can lift the restriction with either a passport or a driving licence.

There is NO OTHER WAY to lift the adult content restriction at this time, and giffgaff are bound by OFCOM in this regard.

The sensible approach would be to work with OFCOM in the first instance. These days information is increasingly being shared across financial and other institutions. I don't think it would be impossible to work something out that bypasses the need for only a passport or driving licence.