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Direct debit for goodybag payments

By: tonyireland | 30-12-2017 09:36

A good idea might be to implement a direct debit option for buying goodybags I know there is already an option to reoccur the goodybags via debit card but the direct debit would give another option for customers.


by: starkey93
on: 14-01-2018 23:26

Free to go....free to stay

No direct debit contracts to be stuck in please.

Auto recur is the way forward.

Can't support

by: 9w6ncf
on: 17-01-2018 14:01


by: mcilwraith
on: 12-01-2018 17:39

direct debit = contract

giffgaff don`t do contracts

ergo no direct debit

by: 9w6ncf
on: 17-01-2018 14:01

150 yes