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First activation payment made through Paypal

By: husates04 | 10-12-2017 19:54

When activated first time sometimes the payment over a card payment doesnt work for some reasons (unknown).

If there was a paypal option for the initial activation payment it would help for the transaction.


by: darrenratty
on: 14-01-2018 10:36

golden move

by: stellamobile
on: 11-01-2018 21:36


by: cris1871031
on: 10-01-2018 18:19


by: nikmobile
on: 10-01-2018 14:56

why not

by: m_brooks
on: 06-01-2018 10:43

This is a great idea from the perspective of customer security and confidence. The fewer sites on the web in which we have to enter our card details, the less chance that they can be stolen. GiffGaff does already allow payment by PayPal, but only AFTER you have initially activated your SIM card by entering your card details. If this initial activation could have been done using my PayPal account, I would have been a lot happier. Indeed I added my PayPal account details onto my GiffGaff account on the day that I ordered my first SIM card, in the expectation that they would simply take the first payment via PayPal. I was EXTREMELY disappointed to discover that I still had to enter my card details directly in order to activate my SIM card.

A member of GiffGaff staff did suggest to me that I could purchase a top-up voucher online using PayPal and activate my card using that. I had already wondered whether this was possible, but figured that top-up is generally reserved for Pay-As-You-Go accounts whereas mine is a contract, so I had already proceeded with entering my card details by the time she made this suggestion.

I don't really understand why GiffGaff gives the option for PayPal payment at all if you can't use it for initial activation - the whole point of paying by PayPal is the extra security it brings, but that is rendered null and void the instant you enter your card details directly.

I do wish the systems analysts who think these schemes up would think them through more fully.

by: legend2130
on: 21-01-2018 10:54

Hi. Just wondering g where you got a giffgaff contract from? Isn’t the whole of giffgaff pay as you go? Have I missed something? Lol

by: cavyz69
on: 27-01-2018 01:05

I think when your on a contract is when youve bought a phone from them and are paying it up. I could be wrong ive just joined,

by: kmichael
on: 05-01-2018 02:58

It will decrease the frustration of new potential members when trying to activate their SIM but getting the message that is something wrong with their card (s).

by: suem15
on: 04-01-2018 22:17

A good idea

by: princess_tash
on: 04-01-2018 17:07

that's a good idea

by: jennahleigh
on: 04-01-2018 15:44

Great idea

by: bluebam_24
on: 03-01-2018 13:36

Exellent idea