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Live feed of Lab ideas on giffgaff.com

By: ronster83 | 14-11-2017 16:02


To have a Live/Dynamic feed of Lab ideas (from labs.giffgaff.com) to be fed into some sort of widget/feed on the main giffgaff website and/or community website, maybe on the home page / dashboard. Maybe show one idea at a time, using any algorithm that is chosen i.e. random, latest ideas, idea of the day, etc...


This is so that members can see a different idea, for example every day (or as often as we allow them to), without them having to actually visit the Labs website. This will allow members to vote there and then, and maybe click on 'next idea' to then vote on that one, and so on. Also, A/B testing could also be introduced if we were to feed 2 or more ideas at the same time to see which is more popular...


This will give more exposure to current ideas to members from the Labs website and undoubtedly give more votes on ideas that are liked. Having some kind of widget on mobile could allow users to maybe swipe left/right like other well known apps if something is liked or disliked.


by: beautifulflowers
on: 19-11-2017 17:30


by: robcarroll73
on: 17-11-2017 04:39

clearly the author is one who has experience in presenting information on structure easy b to read and evidence yield arena.

Well written. Refreshing. Grammar is everything

by: rocket_scienceitisnt
on: 15-11-2017 13:48

by: caraedgar89
on: 23-02-2018 20:08

sounds like a great idea ????????

by: kai51
on: 08-02-2018 17:17

need time to think

by: wolfhunter245
on: 30-01-2018 12:06

I think this would be a good idea, I personally don't get to the site very often as my activity would show. so to get updates of ideas to my phone, would help get me involved a bit more.

by: traceyl2018
on: 20-01-2018 18:13

I would love to be able to talk to someone on the phone when i have a problem with something like my sim card being puclocked and i cant rem my password a d no longer hav access to the emsil address. Instead of having to wait for agent messages.


by: chinsndips
on: 04-01-2018 09:40

Not sure if it would add much value.

by: cottontop
on: 28-12-2017 16:32

Yes, good idea. More exposure for Lab ideas to those giffgaffers who don't visit the Labs website

by: magda78
on: 28-12-2017 16:26

nice one