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"giffgaff local" - a forum for local communities to do good deeds

By: abhishek_velani | 02-11-2017 16:48

Hi members!

I recently had the idea of setting up a website forum for my local estate so neighbours could get to know each other, set up local sports teams, generally help each other out in the giffgaff spirit (coaching/mentoring kids/language exchanges/helping the elderly/looking after pets whilst you're on holiday/giving away unwanted items etc). I'd be rubbish at building a bespoke online forum / squarespace website, but thought the giffgaff labs / forums idea could be roled out on a more localised basis for non-mobile related stuff in order to spread the social good, get people talking about the brand and more bought into the giffgaff concept. Call it "giffgaff local" or something similar, then empower people to generate their own social good by creating their own localised online forum (by postcode?!) and post ideas/suggestions to help build community spirit (both real and virtual) with their neighbours....and just see what happens!

Standard message boards for a local giffgaff forum postcode could be:

- social events (get to know your neighbours by proposing events etc)

- sports teams - 5-a-side football / running clubs etc.

- tutoring/homework help/coaching and mentoring for kids & teens - put people in contact with relevant skills/experience on their doorstep who can volunteer for 1/2 hours per week

- neighbourhood watch!

- pet sharing / holiday pet-lets - does anyone need some help walking their dog ?

- local gardening groups

- gaming

- knitting clubs (ok, a bit much)

- ask the expert / need an expert (someone to help fix my bike, check a CV for me, recommend a plumber / electrician, anything)

- English skills & language exchanges - just moved to the neighbourhood from abroad? Or going on holiday soon and want to pick up some phrases?

If you like the idea, you know what to do!


by: claire1uk
on: 05-11-2017 16:37

Not a bad idea in principle, but I think it would have to start off small and develop.

by: natty_noo
on: 05-11-2017 15:05

I don't see how it could work tbh, and even more unsure how giffgaff could keep track. Plus this site has major issues, which still aren't fixed, so anything that distracts from the issues here is a bad thing, imo.

by: daisy_duck
on: 03-11-2017 23:25

don’t know

by: chand311
on: 03-11-2017 08:40

Good idea, giffgaff experts can develop here some different forums, like under one roof!

by: abhishek_velani
on: 03-11-2017 13:09

Exactly. I think we could roll out a standard format of forum message boards, people would subscribe as members to giffgaff with the usual logins etc. to participate in their local forums, we'd be able to access their data insights and understand their needs / interests better, and then target our products at a new group of 'members' even if they're not on giffgaff sims.

by: tazzy19
on: 04-11-2017 20:19

Apart from the obvious hosting costs etc associated, snooping on their data would also run into data protection issues, and targeting non giffgaff members on other forums is spam and simply goes against the ethos of giffgaff giffgaff do not permit spamming by other companies

by: chel1284
on: 03-11-2017 03:23


by: kathleen414
on: 02-11-2017 17:00

This could be fab

by: gizzmp
on: 02-11-2017 20:40

But also costly,