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Kindfulness coffee call back club

By: veganc | 06-10-2017 01:07

Building emotional resilience one pot of tea at a time…

Resilience, explains Prof Richard Williams, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the University of South Wales, comes from the Latin resilio, which means to jump (or bounce) back. Now, emotional resilience measures our ability to cope with or adapt to stressful situations or crises – be this a hurricane in Kathmandu or an A-level exam in Kingston. Indeed, says Prof Williams, the two situations aren’t so different – rather, they’re on a “spectrum of adversity”.


World Health Organisation.

Mr. P calls for community-based psychosocial interventions for anyone facing emotional or social distress. “Psychiatric interventions are not needed in many cases and the appropriate care and support can be provided by general care workers, such as family doctors, community nurses and home visitors. - See more at: https://goo.gl/Zmwyw7

We are a not for profit community run cafe in Bootle in Liverpool UK.

We would like to use giffgaff to extend our care offer to people who cant make it into the cafe. If they all had giffgaff SIMs it would be free for them to call. This would reduce the sense of loneliness and social isolation that all have a negative impact on physical and emotional wellbeing. it would be a giffgaff community within our community.

We would stock the sims in the cafe and with the right support giff gaff could use our website so people could join in the cafe. Customers get a great sim and the community can call each other free.

To see more what the cafe does have a look at twitter @kindfullnesscc or www.kindfulnesscoffeeclub.com



by: ellie05120512
on: 25-01-2018 21:24


by: melwilli84
on: 21-01-2018 09:47
Great idea
by: cass905
on: 23-11-2017 11:44

there are a lot of lonely people out there

I feel this can be very beneficial to many

good luck in getting the votes you need to get this implemented

by: daveyboyd4
on: 21-11-2017 22:44

Having suffered depression in the past, I can understand the importance of having support. I think this is a fantastic idea!!!! ????

by: ayedunno
on: 19-11-2017 13:12

I see some "not for us" comments, which is sad; I like the outline of the idea and think that there's room for discussion. There are a lot of lonely people out there.

by: joey252002
on: 19-11-2017 02:20

I agree great idea!

by: jon1961
on: 16-11-2017 17:54

what a great idea

by: lewisfletcher01
on: 15-11-2017 23:15

It's one of those things I like about giffgaff that I hate about other companies. Good idea, but not for giffgaff

by: kathleen414
on: 14-11-2017 15:26

Lovely idea but i dont think its an option for giffgaff

by: stwhittle
on: 10-11-2017 13:37

Brilliant Idea - more places could use this; food banks, community support hubs, student union night lines, samaritans, churches,mosques etc. A real community for the lonely, disabled, housebound, students away from home, people in care homes, or hospital.