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Make help section more understandable and user friendly

By: traelkom | 03-10-2017 17:05

  • Hello there, I have been here for years now. (since 2011). A few visible changes on time on the layout of the website and content. I think that the help section need a lot of improvement. My idea is to get more vidos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=48&v=...
  • More compact under sections and more coverage on FAQs.


by: aqeeb01
on: 03-07-2020 11:44

great idea

by: snus1
on: 12-06-2020 20:51

Smashing idea

by: mr09
on: 04-06-2020 16:06

Good idea

by: mr09
on: 24-05-2020 15:04

Very nice idea

by: ungourin
on: 18-05-2020 21:28

it does get filled up quick with the same questions

by: mij_sky
on: 13-05-2020 13:26

yes can get full up quick

by: barishna
on: 06-05-2020 04:45

thanks for sharing this idea with us

by: vijay42924
on: 22-04-2020 23:29

fully supported

by: bing5582
on: 16-04-2020 11:27

Nice idea

by: haseebhejazi
on: 16-02-2020 07:16

i don't think so. Not sure