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Email notifications about usage

By: imcgough | 07-09-2017 13:48

Add option to email notifications when x/y/z data/texts/mins left on goodybag (or daily/weekly/2-weekly notifications).

This will help members to plan their usage without having to login to the website or app.

Currently, we only get a text when allowance is running out.


by: jessica_leslie
on: 08-09-2017 15:14

would be good but already is a text message sent for this

by: mardi6l2i
on: 25-11-2017 22:43

great idea

by: frank2231
on: 19-11-2017 20:03

for somebody who dosnt have unlimited its advantage use notification

by: david_apooyin
on: 14-11-2017 17:08

Great idea. Any new innovation to make notification easier & more customer/user friendly.

David Apooyin

by: terazmojczas2017m
on: 07-11-2017 11:05

Hi ! I think and better is a contact with person , talk . And for me your explain about goodybag and airtime is not clear .Cheers-Mariola Myszkowska

by: p0ss3ss3d
on: 06-11-2017 14:52


by: pennylane1982
on: 27-10-2017 02:39


by: mugsimba2
on: 24-10-2017 18:55

it's such a pain to activate a sim.

I wish u could make it a bit earlier

by: dylan_nolte
on: 17-10-2017 16:07

I'm happy with text only, but see how it can help others that prefer other ways of communication.

by: johmar77
on: 17-10-2017 09:30

great idea