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Direct debit for loans/phones to come out at same time

By: stevicarruthers98 | 07-09-2017 11:18

I think it would be best if direct debit could be set up for loans and phones to come out at the same time.

For example, the money comes out 8th every month, maybe we get paid different days every month.

I think it would be way easier if there was a direct debit set, rather than having to change the date the money comes out constantly.


by: petetrishok
on: 10-12-2017 19:50

Sounds a good idea

by: jeffp10
on: 21-11-2017 12:21

Definately the way to go

by: osymac
on: 05-11-2017 10:19

I wholeheartedly agree with this idea

by: muzammil07
on: 20-10-2017 17:58


by: ajg865
on: 09-10-2017 17:57

Like most financial services if all debits were conjoined it would make life easier for people to manage and budget each month. A single payment is much more manageable. A worthy idea.

by: hmarkova
on: 09-10-2017 16:20

not sure yet

by: muji_1234
on: 28-09-2017 12:25

manually adjust the date for direct debit according to the day the client gets paid which will make the company feel secure of recieving the payments and on time

by: dainito
on: 27-09-2017 19:41

just make options before buy the phone, pay on end of the month or start of the month and etc

by: trucknuts
on: 27-09-2017 11:58


by: boohoo90
on: 26-09-2017 21:47

ok gre