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Increased Auto Topup rule flexibility

By: stocksfamily | 06-09-2017 19:50

I would like to enable auto topup on my sons account but we have given him a budget of only £10 / quarter. The lowest option available on the auto topup page at the moment is £10 max one time per month.

I would like more options available:

For example: [Items in square brackets are user selections]

Top up by [£10] no more than [1] times every [3] months.

Every [6] weeks if my balance is below [£10] top up by [£20]

Every [Monday] if my balance is below [£10] top up by [£20]

Every [1st] of the Month if my balance is below [£10] top up by [£20]

This will really help parents who are providing a phone to their children to set sensible spending limits.


by: tonytabs
on: 05-12-2017 18:03

sounds like a great idea! ????

by: scentsymomma1
on: 29-11-2017 17:53

great idea!

by: nonarne
on: 27-11-2017 23:23


by: liamyoung05
on: 08-11-2017 15:01

Makes a lot sense. A good idea and worth pursuing.


by: kamile_k
on: 04-11-2017 10:23

good idea

by: mattymiller1998
on: 04-11-2017 00:49

great idea

by: michael22
on: 03-11-2017 05:45

Great idea!!!

by: sabrina_cerri8271
on: 22-10-2017 15:51

wonderful idea!

by: bonias23
on: 21-10-2017 04:16


by: jill
on: 20-10-2017 22:49

fab idea