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A new take on the data rollover idea!

By: ayepee96 | 02-08-2017 21:06

Hi, I know this topic is spoken about A LOT by giffgaff users - don't get me wrong, I love giffgaff and all you do, so I would never want to leave! Just think it would be nice to have some bonus data rolled over when we have lots left over. I do think giffgaff would lose money over this if they just let us roll over data we didn't use in one month, so I have another idea.

My suggestion is that if we have a lot of/enough data leftover, maybe monthly or bimonthly we could get an extra 1GB (or 2!) to play with (we choose when to take up the 'free' GB that we have accumulated).

This would benefit giffgaff users and members because they would get something extra that they've always wanted! It's not hard to roam the forums and see how many people suggest this, hence I have a new idea that could potentially work :)

giffgaff should implement this idea because it would be doing something new that other mobile providers don't ! Not many services roll over data, and customers love that sort of stuff. giffgaff would be one of the, if not THE first provider to 'roll over' data without losing actual money.


by: suecoo66
on: 15-08-2017 18:21

sky are offering a rollover of data , I think it's a good idea to get back some of what you've paid for though

by: icando
on: 07-08-2017 07:52

whichever way you present it it's the same old idea.

by: kathleen414
on: 06-08-2017 10:16

rollover is a on point subject but this is the same as the existing ideas

by: chand311
on: 04-08-2017 17:14

A lot of spoken about it.

by: mcilwraith
on: 03-08-2017 10:53

still a fresh not for me vote i`m afraid

by: not_rocket_science
on: 03-08-2017 10:40

As it was censored/deleted:

This would still result in decreased revenue and margins for giffgaff, how much extra would you be prepared to pay for it?

Why only data?

Like these:



by: prescilla_g giffgaff Staffer
on: 03-08-2017 10:09

Hey there ayepee96,

Thanks for submitting this idea to us. It's nice to see you take the concept of the original idea and bring a fresh take on it.

Looking forward to hearing more from our members about this.

Nice one.