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A new take on the data rollover idea!

By: ayepee96 | 02-08-2017 21:06

Hi, I know this topic is spoken about A LOT by giffgaff users - don't get me wrong, I love giffgaff and all you do, so I would never want to leave! Just think it would be nice to have some bonus data rolled over when we have lots left over. I do think giffgaff would lose money over this if they just let us roll over data we didn't use in one month, so I have another idea.

My suggestion is that if we have a lot of/enough data leftover, maybe monthly or bimonthly we could get an extra 1GB (or 2!) to play with (we choose when to take up the 'free' GB that we have accumulated).

This would benefit giffgaff users and members because they would get something extra that they've always wanted! It's not hard to roam the forums and see how many people suggest this, hence I have a new idea that could potentially work :)

giffgaff should implement this idea because it would be doing something new that other mobile providers don't ! Not many services roll over data, and customers love that sort of stuff. giffgaff would be one of the, if not THE first provider to 'roll over' data without losing actual money.


by: sharonsingh123
on: 17-09-2017 23:10

giffgaff should definitely do rollover!

by: elfiestar2005
on: 01-10-2017 13:39

Yup, they should

by: sfreemanontoast
on: 04-10-2017 10:28

Yes I agree ????

by: andrewjmanuel
on: 05-10-2017 12:41

Sky mobile do it ... most of their TV advertising mentions it, as not a lot of the other networks do it. So, yes, its a very good idea!! Plus Sky mobile are using O2 as well, so shouldn't be a problem.

by: addisonswainsbury8
on: 13-10-2017 19:52

i think its a great idea

by: shannburns96
on: 17-09-2017 19:38

Great idea

by: blossom58
on: 16-09-2017 21:23

I think this is a great idea.

by: shazf
on: 18-10-2017 15:40

well worth looking at! I know it would be of interest to myself and my family ????????????

by: arifarif01
on: 18-10-2017 09:22

Data n Mins rollover wud b gr8

by: judithann14
on: 17-10-2017 11:05

Great idea

by: unkle1
on: 17-10-2017 10:11

i agree

by: spellstorm
on: 13-10-2017 22:04

really great idea on date use

by: navvy
on: 12-10-2017 14:12

So you are suggesting a locked-away reserve of data that is built up from unused data in previous months? The most complicated bit would probably be the mechanism to allow you to release that data when you've already run out of data. You probably wouldn't want the data to start automatically, or for your airtime credit to be used either.

From 4th October 2017 most of the goodybags have gained extra data for the same prices, and it seems far more useful to have more data available every month than to have a reserve from the previous month, that will no longer be available if you use too much again next month.

On Android phones you can set a data usage warning and limit. This is far more useful as a reserve because if you set the limit to maybe 1GB less than your normal goodybag you can simply turn off the limit and get your data working again immediately. Android will even show a notification to make it easier.

by: 3axis
on: 12-10-2017 12:51

automatic rollover of data and minutes would be nice