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Less talk more data

By: 19031977 | 16-07-2017 19:50

for me less call time more data for the same money


by: kathleen414
on: 06-08-2017 12:07

I think we need information on your idea but we do have lots of this type of Idea

So may have a look and support those

by: mcilwraith
on: 18-07-2017 06:54

add your vote to one of the ideas already here

by: melabi
on: 17-07-2017 20:22

Please estimate how much GG will save by providing less calls, and how much it will cost them to provide more data. Then you can present it as a beneficial change.

I suspect it will cost a lot and save very little.

by: fadlur_f giffgaff Staffer
on: 17-07-2017 12:37

Good afternoon 19031977,

Thanks for sharing your idea with us. You might know that one of our nifty members already shared the same/similar idea.Feel free to head on over the idea and give your support and vote.



by: gizzblue
on: 17-07-2017 11:26

asked for many many times and denied .

by: daisy_bloom
on: 17-07-2017 10:43

This wont happen as giffgaff have recently reviewed their goodybags and made changes. Cant see them doing it again.

by: rocketsciencenot
on: 16-07-2017 20:26

As it was censored/deleted:

What price?

How many minutes?

How many texts?

How much data?

etc etc

Or do you mean like this idea:

https://labs.giffgaff.com/idea/16703284 Goodybag changes - Surfer or Talker

Or like these and many many other ideas: