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0800 numbers - remove misleading claim from pricing page

By: nfh | 22-04-2017 08:03

On giffgaff's pricing page, it states the following:

Free numbers:
We also believe that a free number should be just that, so all 0800, 0808 & 0500 numbers really are free.

This statement is intended to give the impression to the reader that giffgaff's policy concerning calls to these numbers is different from its competitors. The truth is that all UK mobile networks have been obliged since 1st July 2015 to make these numbers free to call. Schedule 1 Paragraph 10 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 describes "Presenting rights given to consumers in law as a distinctive feature of the trader’s offer" as an unfair commercial practice. Therefore giffgaff should remove this misleading statement from its pricing page.


by: haynes1064
on: 22-09-2018 14:49

Change the wording to "all 0800, 0808 & 0500 numbers really are free, and since 1st July 2015 the government has agreed with us".

This gets round the perception that GG is misleading, and gives GG some credit for being the trail-blazer!!

by: jason1973tess
on: 19-02-2019 13:08

If you have WhatsApp it is free to wring 0800 0500

by: germansheppard234
on: 27-06-2017 17:17

if I remember giffgaff were 1st to do free 0800 numbers so hence that claim but it is now outdated

by: snus1
on: 03-07-2020 22:01

You got my vote

by: bradturner
on: 16-06-2020 14:13

This sounds like a simple change that could be made to the pricing details. +1 vote

by: barishna
on: 29-05-2020 04:26

great idea

by: jeff_elephant
on: 27-02-2020 18:36

I don't see a problem with the current text but at the end of the day, it's a simple text change. What are you suggesting they should change the wording to????

by: vijay42924
on: 06-01-2020 05:50


by: cms22
on: 01-01-2020 21:09

Great idea fully supported

by: racha27269
on: 17-12-2019 00:09

excellent idea fully supported.

by: johnsmith140289
on: 21-08-2019 04:39

Great idea.