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Improve Advanced Reply Prominence In Community Pages

By: jaymailsays | 02-04-2017 17:51

I am wondering why the Advanced Reply function is so insignificant for those who are not totally familiar with our community or the way it works, when using a mobile device to view community pages and then wishing to make a reply using advanced features.

3 dots within a small circle does not immediately catch your eye. Yet quick reply is a prominent yellow rectangular beast with a huge REPLY font. Why?

Could we not have two yellow buttons side by side, similar to the current yellow buttons in advanced reply that say CANCEL & POST. One could be marked 'Q.Reply' the other 'A.Reply' for its menu

@timo_t Can you confirm whether this tweak could be implemented? I think at a stroke it would empower users ability to choose which option they need to use, for different posting actions.


by: sana_j19
on: 25-04-2019 13:21

Good idea

by: joshpt
on: 23-04-2019 13:54

giffgaff should lock this for comments.

by: jordieshore20
on: 23-04-2019 09:40

good idea

by: wayne97
on: 23-04-2019 09:26

how about notification s , without logging into giffgaff to make us aware

Also make the page arrangements more user friendly and easier to route onto page s , just an idea ,

by: haseebhejazi
on: 19-04-2019 07:10


by: nic2812
on: 19-04-2019 01:49

Good idea

by: lukem3121
on: 18-04-2019 16:47

Spot on

by: jamesb15h
on: 18-04-2019 01:02

Good idea!

by: rhiannn
on: 17-04-2019 16:04

This is so interesting

by: klmwong
on: 16-04-2019 19:45

Implemented because it was a good idea!