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How to Avoid Data Roaming Charges Abroad

By: jojimorshy | 22-03-2017 07:38

Heading abroad is the time, when people use another mobile network to access Internet on their phone and continue facing excess bill from normal provider. It could be too pricy that experts sometimes advise to turn data roaming off as soon as they leave UK. There even have been reports about ‘phantom roaming charges’ in the past. Although, data roaming charges would slip a bit in the European Union in June 2017, still be cautious not to return to a hefty phone bill. Therefore, I am here with some useful tips to avoid bulk of data charges abroad:

Choose holiday phone:

Prepaid American SIM card for holiday phones keep millions of travelers connected abroad. Such network service providers only cooperate with most trusted telecom operators globally. American SIM cards that operate on the T-mobile network are one of the biggest operators in the USA.

You would save tons of money compared to roaming with your home operator. With a prepaid SIM card, you can control your calling and data expenses by choosing suitable schemes.

Flat rate internet in the US:

When it comes to voice and data charges, you can avail Internet package at super-fast 4G speed. Prepaid SIM card for UK to USA come with data package as pre-activated on the card. It is super easy way to use and no activation is required thereafter. All you need is insert your SIM in your device and be ready to go. The data package stays active for 30 days from the day you start using services of your network.

Use Wi-Fi:

When you are heading towards new destination, you may find browsing or downloading is the only possible thing could do with using Wi-Fi connection. In this way, users would not be charged for data over Wi-Fi. The only thing, you would be paying for charges imposed on Wi-Fi access and you would be informed when you start using the connection.

Check your settings:

Switch off your data roaming in abroad and this means none of your phone application will use mobile data. You may not even like automatic update on mobile data, so, change setting to take update only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. It is advised to individually disable apps from using the mobile data and check email and messaging app in particular.

Visit mobile-friendly websites only:

At present, most websites are getting optimized for mobile phones and a good user experience demands to make website lighter on megabytes. Most mobile websitse have similar address to the desktop site. Try replacing ‘WWW’ with ‘m’ or ‘mobile’; or replace ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.com’ with ‘.mobi’.

Another mean to avoid roaming charges is switching your SIM cards. Before switching the SIM, your smartphone needs to be unlocked to its present local network (most UK phone networks lock their handsets to prevent consumers from using alternative SIM.) Before using USA SIM in the UK, ask your network carrier to unlock your phone or you could reach unlocking specialist who can unlock phone for you.


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