Leave a legacy.

Login with your Voice.

By: gsklb04 | 16-02-2017 18:51

I have done a search for voice login and found 3 pages but none about loging in with your voice to your account.

I can login to my phone, write a letter with my voice, E.T.C

so how about being able to login to my giffgaff account with my voice.

This would stop a lot of members having accounts hacked.

And be a great but of security.


by: bethanykelly
on: 18-07-2018 21:26


by: adamtheant
on: 30-05-2018 14:25

I love it come on love to see this implemented

by: my6ds67
on: 26-02-2018 00:06

like it ????????????

by: lividkiwi21
on: 31-01-2018 17:10

Great idea

by: aimeer1990
on: 17-01-2018 14:24

Sounds brilliant

by: ameera_n
on: 17-01-2018 11:07

Good idea

by: dianadraper2
on: 16-01-2018 12:37

Think that's a brilliant idea

by: chinsndips
on: 16-01-2018 12:22

Additional option is always good.

by: mijthebarber
on: 13-01-2018 11:18

that's very advanced ,,, would be cool if we could though

by: ncauser1963
on: 10-01-2018 17:42

It may be beneficial to people with sight difficulties, or people with arthritis, or physical problems & maybe older people who struggle to use phones. Although my worry is it could crash if there is a fault or if the systems are down but maybe there would be a back up solution as in still being able to put your details in manually. ?