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Electoral Register listing Allows Adult Content Access

By: frpc | 18-01-2017 14:02

This simple idea would assist those who do not have a Driving Licence or Passport. New rules mean that you have to prove your identity to your local council. Usually through providing your National Insurance Number, the council checks your age and ID with Government website and includes you on the next published register. Giffgaff could then check a member's age in the same way they do now with passports and licences. It really is that easy.



by: witstertsp342b
on: 02-01-2018 17:18

What is the minimum age for obtaining a Debit Card? If it is less than 18 years of age, then it is a valid suggestion. If it is 18 years of age or more then it is ridiculous as by paying for services from giffgaff or any other ISP by Debit Card the Cardholder has proven that he/she is, at least, 18 years of age.

by: tintin606
on: 01-01-2018 19:17

nice one

by: justinjdouble
on: 29-12-2017 14:18

of course they need to make some other form of proof available

by: olivercooper
on: 14-12-2017 08:53

good idea

by: jeffthomas
on: 13-12-2017 16:45

Good idea

by: dazza13
on: 11-12-2017 10:32

good i

by: essjayem
on: 10-12-2017 16:05

Excellent idea. Always have my phone with me but not always carrying my purse/wallet.


by: drakahmed
on: 07-12-2017 13:24

It's like the movie with the lass from Harry Potter and Tom hanks spooky

by: paulrc1989
on: 09-12-2017 02:15


by: iantechie1979
on: 07-12-2017 13:09

Yes , I think that's a nice idea.Ii did have a driving license but lost it due to penalty points. If using the electoral roll to verify peoples ages works for councils and is straight forward like you say, then having this option as well, is simply another feather in giffgaff's cap with regards to customer satisfaction and ease of use.

by: cheeks84
on: 06-12-2017 09:47

good idea