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Electoral Register listing Allows Adult Content Access

By: frpc | 18-01-2017 14:02

This simple idea would assist those who do not have a Driving Licence or Passport. New rules mean that you have to prove your identity to your local council.  Usually through providing your  National Insurance Number, the council checks your age and ID with Government website and includes you on the next published register. Giffgaff could then check a member's age in the same way they do now with passports and licences.  It really is that easy. 


by: jv_19
on: 28-05-2017 09:46


by: shauni2310
on: 24-05-2017 22:15

I found that when l put my passport number in the app said it was incorrect twice l tried and twice it came back the same even though l correctly entered both lines of a mixture of 44 digits so can't say it's been of any help to me sorry 

by: islandstifle
on: 11-05-2017 15:44

As already indicated above, you can vote from 16 in Scotland, so this won't work. Also, it wouldn't work for people opted-out of the edited register, as giffgaff is not able to use the full register.

by: sjaved78
on: 04-05-2017 17:28

??I agree with you

by: sjaved78
on: 04-05-2017 17:27


by: sjaved78
on: 04-05-2017 17:27

I agre with you

by: chand311
on: 26-04-2017 08:02

Excellent idea. Supported 

by: kimberly19jane67
on: 22-04-2017 15:37

I agree this is a very good idea, I'm one of those few that doesn't have an up to date driving licence, Because it's expired and out of date. So this idea would be of benefit to me. 

Kind Regards 

Miss Kimberly Jane Hodson 

by: fabiyes
on: 15-04-2017 10:02

Good alternative

by: srehman
on: 29-03-2017 20:12