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International delivery for referral SIMs

By: nicolindo | 15-01-2017 23:49

giffgaff recently launched international delivery for 'ordinary' SIMs.

Why not adding the possibility for someone abroad to get a referral SIM sent by giffgaff too?

When newcomers sign up, many websites will usually ask if they were recommended by anyone in the form of an optional field named 'Has anyone recommended us to you?'. People can then enter the name of the affiliate thanks to whom they're joining in. And the affiliate gets a reward.

If such a thing existed with giffgaff, the advantage would be twofold: 1) giffgaff would only deliver SIMs to the Super Recruiters who need them to hand in directly - locally, that is - hence saving quite a lot on shipping costs on the 50-SIM box, and 2) by shipping the SIMs out directly without sending them to a Super Recruiter first, delivering abroad becomes much greener and faster (far less transport involved).

Also, people abroad should be able to order several SIMs at once with a limit to be determined (4 SIMs per address seems about right). This is to ease the job of relatives travelling together.


by: stelmachp212
on: 08-09-2017 00:55

i agree so good idea

by: pokapoka93
on: 14-05-2017 10:42

In regards to the international delivery. I got an idea of maybe putting a machine in the big airport terminal.

People just insert a specific code that sort of referred back to the recruiter and they got the sim card there and then. 

I find myself quite agitated waiting for my international delivery..:P

by: tracyhb
on: 03-07-2017 23:52

You mean you would like to distribute more sims, via an airport outlet rather than have it posted to the person abroad, before they travel. Or are you abroad. I'm in the UK.

by: pokapoka93
on: 09-07-2017 09:29

Yes. Like a vending machine of pay to go. I was in gatwick and a friend of mine lost his sim.

by: sjaved78
on: 18-04-2017 13:03

I agree

by: prescilla_g giffgaff Staffer
on: 24-03-2017 15:45

Hey folks,

As navvy rightly said, this idea has now been implemented. A massive bravo to nicolindo and all of you lovely folks who discussed, supported and voted to make this idea a reality.

You can check out the announcement thread by giffgaffer staff Carlotta, over this way https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Announcements/Share-the-love-internationally/td-p/20095180

Nicely done :)


by: navvy
on: 23-03-2017 15:52
by: nicolindo
on: 17-01-2017 12:54

@navvy: I don't think that cashing in £2 right now or £22 later is comparable. If it was that interesting, there would be no affiliates and no SR programme. This looks like a very short-term calculation in my opinion.

by: nicolindo
on: 17-01-2017 12:43

@dennab26: The current structure (getting a reward for the 2nd and 3rd activations only) seems right in the sense that it discourages affiliates to facilitate one-off activations. However only giffgaff can analyse the figures and tell if and to what extent this structure should be amended. It seems rather difficult to guess in my opinion and would probably require a test period to collect enough data. It would be interesting to have another SR’s opinion on that, though.

@bertiebat: That’s right, it’s all about ‘missing out the middle postage’ as you say. I also think that the SIMs sent abroad are more targeted, the reason being that the current structure makes one-off activations useless for SR. So whether the SIM was sent by giffgaff or by the SR himself amounts to the exact same thing: no 2nd/3rd activations = no rewards. I also understand your worries concerning wasted SIMs, and here is my suggestion:

A SR who keeps ordering SIMs and who doesn’t recruit enough already has his monthly amount of SIMs reduced by giffgaff anyway. If giffgaff sends referral SIMs on behalf of the SR, why not doing it in the limit of his monthly quota?

by: navvy
on: 17-01-2017 12:37

I assume that the unaffiliated SIMs will still ask the question about the phone number of the person who recommended giffgaff?  That earns 200 points = £2 even for a Super Recruiter, I think.  (I don't remember getting an answer from staff about that...)

If I'm right, then it is better for a SR to encourage the overseas visitor to order an unaffiliated SIM than to post one at their own expense.  Might even make sense for a SR to keep a few unaffiliated SIMs in stock, too.

by: bertiebat
on: 16-01-2017 23:26

Thanks @nicolindo for getting back to us (as often posters hit and run and that seems a shame).

I can see your argument for sending SIMs directly and missing out the middle postage though on the whole I still think this isn't much of a saving because the vast majority of SIMs sent abroad by affiliates would come from the larger 50 SIM boxes which work out much cheaper than individual/3 SIMs.    Since the new super recruiter payback has been in place I imagine that far fewer SIMs are now sent abroad and that those that are, are somehow pre-vetted or better targeted to try and ensure that the one off holiday usage is minimised due to the recruiter bearing the postage expenses thereby sharing giffgaff's risk.  I see that generally as a benefit to giffgaff and the environment (less thrown away SIMs which is something I'm very keen on).

My major worry is still that, by giving an added bonus incentive to activate without any checks that these aren't simply for a one off holiday visit, it will then step us backwards into wasted SIMs.

Certainly as a minimum I would suggest a need to be have a sort of more complicated bonus system for the recipient to follow a similar principal to the super recruiter system, i.e. only pay out an activation bonus once a further top up has been made.  I just think that's too complicated a system to be justified though.




by: dennab26
on: 16-01-2017 21:20

What amount of reward are you suggesting the new member and the recommending member receive and at what stage would they receive it?