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International delivery for referral SIMs

By: nicolindo | 15-01-2017 23:49

giffgaff recently launched international delivery for 'ordinary' SIMs.

Why not adding the possibility for someone abroad to get a referral SIM sent by giffgaff too?

When newcomers sign up, many websites will usually ask if they were recommended by anyone in the form of an optional field named 'Has anyone recommended us to you?'. People can then enter the name of the affiliate thanks to whom they're joining in. And the affiliate gets a reward.

If such a thing existed with giffgaff, the advantage would be twofold: 1) giffgaff would only deliver SIMs to the Super Recruiters who need them to hand in directly - locally, that is - hence saving quite a lot on shipping costs on the 50-SIM box, and 2) by shipping the SIMs out directly without sending them to a Super Recruiter first, delivering abroad becomes much greener and faster (far less transport involved).

Also, people abroad should be able to order several SIMs at once with a limit to be determined (4 SIMs per address seems about right). This is to ease the job of relatives travelling together.


by: yankeegal51
on: 29-09-2017 05:22

Great Idea. We are UK citizens living abroad and still use GIFFGAFF sims as a back up but also for when we travel back to the UK. Unfortunately trying to get SIM cards delivered over here when I need an extra 2 was a nightmare. They never arrived and got 'lost' in the bayss. Need to be a secure of delivering them (or the option to pay extra for a securer delivery)

by: xxxgailxxx
on: 28-09-2017 09:16

good idea

by: nikkijj83
on: 19-10-2017 18:34


by: kittycat2017
on: 27-09-2017 23:09

well done

by: lisha0786
on: 25-09-2017 11:32

This is fantastic

by: vasypop
on: 24-09-2017 21:42

good one

by: sharonbarlow
on: 23-09-2017 03:53


by: mcqwad1980
on: 19-09-2017 02:32

Didnt realise how much I didnt know about more things than id care to admit to. Really loving life on giff gaff at the moment

by: dugesz78
on: 18-09-2017 20:55

good idea

by: ronix007
on: 13-09-2017 10:18


by: mansy1992
on: 10-09-2017 07:45

amazing idea