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Pending ideas in Labs

By: cps15966 | 04-01-2017 19:30

So..... there I was involved in a thread/discussion about Labs and it was suggested in that discussion that I stick this idea up in here. I've had a quick look and can't see anything the same but if it's there already I'm sure someone will point it out. Anyhow.... onto the idea which is just a rough one but might work

We see many many duplication ideas cluttering up the Labs, which in turn hinders things, frustrates people and many many other things.

The thought is to have somewhere where any new ideas go for say 48 hours, almost like a 'Labs Pending' set of pages separate to the Labs section. The idea would be that duplicates are spotted in the same way as normal (mainly by members) and linked to original ideas of they're out there, but these don't make it to the main Labs ideas board as they're already there by someone else.

Ones which don't have duplicates linked automatically transfer after the 48 hours to the main Labs ideas board.

I know there will be logistics with it and it won't capture everything or there would need to be some vetting in places and decisions to make, but duplicates has been a big problem in both Labs and it's previous version and the hope is that this could greatly reduce duplicates and make Labs more of what it should be.

Anyhow there's the idea, hopefully it will develop some drive/thought or even other ideas. Thanks


by: tjwhitestar
on: 21-08-2017 00:29

I can agree that this is a great idea but just binning duplicate entries sounds like a bad idea and a way for potentially extra information about an issue to be lost. For example 2 people might have the same idea but separately they only pose a solution for half or a fraction of the problem. If the earliest was accepted and the 2nd and any further ones deleted then you could lose some ideas or fixes that the original idea would have benefited from. The idea of Labs and the forums is Collaboration so why not merge any duplicate ideas into the 1st idea and then you get the best of every idea submitted. No loss of collaborative effort.

by: tanyarudeva
on: 23-09-2017 21:01

This is what the author of the post says, too. cps15966 only mentions that the ideas after the original one would only be linked to it without making it to the main Labs ideas. The suggestion here is that a thread of the same ideas is made. And I hope no important points of the ideas will be lost this way.

by: vijay42924
on: 08-01-2020 05:58

good one supported

by: iqbal92307
on: 22-06-2019 19:24


by: peterg92
on: 24-04-2019 18:30


by: emmalouisep93
on: 06-03-2019 20:06

congratulations in getting your idea implemented.

by: emmalouisep93
on: 26-11-2018 21:06

I like it

by: hughieswife
on: 03-04-2018 00:03

I liked this

by: debwitts
on: 23-03-2018 17:33

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by: hawkinshannah25
on: 13-02-2018 22:02

it's an idea I guess

by: mummylaws16
on: 17-01-2018 16:31

I can agree that this is a great idea but just binning duplicate entries sounds like a bad idea and a way for potentially extra information about an issue to be lost