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Customisable photo background

By: william444555 | 21-11-2016 18:10

you should be able to add your own photo to your user page so when people go to that page they can see your lovely artwork XD.


by: william444555
on: 21-12-2016 21:15

I was thinking more like what google offers for the online gmail, altough not copying it but more like adding a few stock images and then the option to add your own.

by: asif_mah
on: 18-12-2016 17:29

It'd make it a little more personal which is always nice

by: premierphotosuk
on: 23-11-2016 12:45

Like it tooo,  photo or color background either way. this has to be one of the best ideas of late, as Prescilla has said she will look into it, I think if it's possible It would make very much sense indeed.

So I'am also in agreement to see this happen because at present it would work better on the new giffgaff website.

good idea?????????


by: firoze
on: 22-11-2016 09:13

Customisable wallpaper - could work, although some may take things too far and render the text difficult to read.

Always need to keep one eye on accessibility...

by: prescilla_g giffgaff Staffer
on: 22-11-2016 08:54

@william444555 Hey - thanks for this idea suggestion,

So, the ability to add wallpaper to your profile? Its something that certainly sounds like a nice idea :) I'll have a look into this.


by: karenyates
on: 22-11-2016 00:26

Cant see any issue with it,so .????