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Labs cleaner

By: gizzblue | 13-11-2016 12:07

A member of giffgaff to edit and remove the nonsense ideas and moans from Labs. It's getting harder and harder to sort through the nonsense on Labs due to newbies using it for moaning and nonsense.


by: acetech
on: 13-11-2016 21:29

Gets my vote +1, I may visit labs a bit more again then as I only pop on occasionally

by: davidevans0000
on: 13-11-2016 18:25

sounds good for me.

by: pault1974
on: 13-11-2016 15:06

I agree and support the idea.

by: 4128334
on: 13-11-2016 14:15

Great idea, fully supported. 

by: mcilwraith
on: 13-11-2016 13:07

i`ll keep up to date on the discussion in contribute

by: premierphotosuk
on: 13-11-2016 12:24

Something needs to be done it's crazy trying to sort out duplicate ideas, pointless ideas ect. ????????

by: cps15966
on: 13-11-2016 19:58

Got my vote do +1 but I think gg have forgotten where they put Labs lol