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Sort Private Messages by recipient

by: suppers_ready | 17-10-2016 21:47

Status: We’re Looking Into It

Have you been here a while, or are you just incredibly popular?

Imagine the scene, you've amassed a serious quantity of PM's and you're looking for that one from way back when. So how do you find it?

If it's one you've received it's pretty easy. You can sort your inbox by the three headings, From, Subject and Date/Time. Gives you a sporting chance right?

So how do you find one that you've sent? Same scenario, there are three headings, To, Subject and Date/Time. 

In this scenario you can sort by Subject and Date/Time, but not by To. How come? Surely that would be the one you'd want to sort by?

If the mechanism exists to sort by From it should be easy enough to sort by To. It would have saved me scrolling through pages and pages, and should be an easy fix.


Thanks for looking and please support if you agree.



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