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The option to view your password

By: daisy_bloom | 28-09-2016 15:44

At the moment when you enter your password your just see dots, I am always typing fast or hit 2 keys at once there should be an option to view your password as letters if you choose to.


by: martyb91
on: 30-06-2019 03:22


by: iqbal92307
on: 28-06-2019 20:04


by: wainw59
on: 18-06-2019 15:12

Good idea

If you use the same device to login then click the " Remember me button "

Also you can your user name and password will automatically be there if you have automatic passwords and username on your device


by: peterg92
on: 09-05-2019 10:52

Sounds good

by: emmalouisep93
on: 27-12-2018 18:20

Great idea. You'd have to be cautious though say for example doing in public (on a bus or anything say) but I defo agree with this

by: bethanykelly
on: 13-09-2018 14:16


by: adamtheant
on: 20-08-2018 00:45

does sound interesting this does though ya got my vote +1

by: adamtheant
on: 05-12-2018 08:58


by: mikeclubs181040
on: 23-07-2018 14:52

Hello everyone, what a great Idea. I would love to see this implemented.

by: as7861
on: 24-05-2017 13:19

@daisy_bloom @cps15966 

i have raised this to be added to KB. So people will be able to point to it. It may already exist, but here is the request in the KB discussion - https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Knowledge-Base-Editors/Wonder-if-this-is-within-the-KB-article-related-to-Password-and/gpm-p/20346647


edit- as confirmed by roxy seems like a enhancement in the browser

by: leshin
on: 11-10-2016 08:23

Then people will spy on your password