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2fa on account login, #OATH-TOTP

By: mikejonesey4 | 01-08-2016 12:57

I ran a search for 2fa, it returned no results.

I'm keen to see 2fa implemented on account login, there are many open source tools to assist with the setup so it should be a relativley easy task to implement on the website.

This would increase security alot, and protect whilst loggin in on possibly unsafe wifi networks.

tag words: OATH-TOTP / OATH-HOTP / yubikey / yubico / gemalto / google-authenticator



by: ataraxia
on: 04-08-2016 22:39

Yet again kudos to ygbnji for gtting to the nub of this - while the original poster has, to his credit, tried a keyword search,  other posters have submitted their ideas under two factor authentication rather than the acronym.  It is worth beaing in mind this is a forum for non-specialists and jargon is best explained for the layperson.

by: leshin
on: 02-08-2016 16:27

Need more detail 

by: freedmaniac
on: 01-08-2016 13:15

This is obviously some kind of techie thing - I admit it is beyond my understanding.

Thing is, it is probably well beyond the understanding of many members.

It might well be something that i could support if you were to explain it in simple language.