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Goodybag changes - Surfer or Talker

By: timwilliams25 | 24-07-2016 18:30

It's good to see giffgaff acting on the goodybag options and giving a choice of £10 goodybags - why stop there though? 

I do think this is now the time to look at all the other goodybags available and give these a refresh/option.

I would like to see the goodybags renamed either TALKER or SURFER

  • The £10 talker goodybag = 500 mins + 1GB data
  • The £10 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 2GB data


  • The £12 talker goodybag = 500 mins + 2GB data
  • The £12 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 4GB data


  • The £15 talker goodybag = 1000 mins + 4GB data
  • The £15 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 7GB data


  • The £18 talker goodybag = 2000 mins + 6GB data
  • The £18 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 10GB data


Always On goodybag - remains as it is (even though it seems to generate quite a number of complaints on the forum - although this may be a small number of people who actually have that goodybag otions active).....


The £5 and £7.50 goodybag options could remain as they are too.


Thoughts please


by: wazzaking
on: 06-09-2017 11:37

i agree other comment because I am deaf and I don't need calls mins. I most used text and data I would like reduce mins and increase data.

by: digit2
on: 27-08-2017 07:56

£5 Goodybag I'd like to see 100 minutes 300 texts and 250 mb data.

£7.50 Goodybag 200 minutes 500 texts and 1gb data.

Some people don't use very much and don't have a big budget.

by: mal_content
on: 22-11-2017 15:27

This would work for me as I rarely use more than 60 minutes a month.

by: beep149
on: 24-11-2017 15:32

And me, I second that!

by: sopsoph
on: 18-12-2017 10:33

Agree! I'm on the 7.50 goodybag - why have they (£7.50 and £5.00) been excluded from the initial idea? Data is certainly more needed for me than minutes.

by: ranga001
on: 22-12-2017 07:48

Agree to the same. I'm in £5 goodybag

by: thejam
on: 03-02-2018 09:31

Agree. Don't leave out the £5 and £7.50 goodybags please.

by: initialyze
on: 09-09-2017 00:43

I like this idea as I often run out of data yet have 95% of my minutes left.

by: megmacauley
on: 05-01-2018 08:02


by: thejam
on: 03-02-2018 09:30


by: jojacks
on: 02-12-2017 03:51

I like the idea of the surfer goodybag, £18 for 10gbs and 100 mins

by: alex_ivanov
on: 31-10-2017 00:21

Most people with smartphones are always running out of data, whereas they have loads of minutes left. I would give up most of my minutes for extra data...

by: weedadict360
on: 12-10-2017 00:38

good idea

by: casper2211
on: 06-10-2017 03:24

Sounds good idea.

by: tizzytoes66
on: 25-09-2017 09:10

excellent idea as I'm a surfer

Hardly use minutes or texts as I message over web

I run out of data quite regular but don't want to up my monthly pay out as this defeats the object of being with giffgaff,, as I could get a competitive rate with other providers .

by: palmlcr
on: 25-02-2018 20:48

Great idea. But I think The lower goodybags should be included. Like many other users I'm more likely to run out of data lonnnnnggggg before I run out of minutes and texts. I use £7.50 goodybag purely for the data allowance.

I've only been with giffgaff for three months and have never used more than 20 minutes of calls or sent more than 30 texts in any one month. The main reason I came to giffgaff was because I had had an old T mobile account (now taken over by EE), which was 500mb 250 minutes and unlimited texts for £7.30 a month. Only two months out of the 4 years I was with them did I go over the 500mb allowance.

Unfortunately I had my mobile phone stolen in December 2017 and had to cancel the account I had with them for security reasons. When I got my new phone I wasn't allowed to restart my account at the original price (which EE had been honouring). Instead it was going to cost me more than double with EE to get anywhere near what I wanted in the way of data, and goodness knows how many call minutes and text messages that I just don’t need or want.

My circumstances have changed slightly now, and 1gb of data is closer to my requirements, but I just don’t need all the minutes and texts.

by: amyholl
on: 06-02-2018 12:38

I get the 7.50 goodybag and its just about enough data for me but i use hardly eny of the minutes and never use all the texts. I would like to have just say 60 minutes talk time 100 texts and as much data as possible for the money. It would be great if we could just create our own goodybags by just adding minutes texts and data to a basket untill we reach the amount of money we want to spend each month. That would actually be great as my son only uses his phone for watsapp'ing his friend and mostly uses our wifi but he needs some texts data and minutes for the rare occasion he goes out to play, but most months none of his £5 goody bag gets used ????