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Goodybag changes - Surfer or Talker

By: timwilliams25 | 24-07-2016 18:30

It's good to see giffgaff acting on the goodybag options and giving a choice of £10 goodybags - why stop there though? 

I do think this is now the time to look at all the other goodybags available and give these a refresh/option.

I would like to see the goodybags renamed either TALKER or SURFER

  • The £10 talker goodybag = 500 mins + 1GB data
  • The £10 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 2GB data


  • The £12 talker goodybag = 500 mins + 2GB data
  • The £12 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 4GB data


  • The £15 talker goodybag = 1000 mins + 4GB data
  • The £15 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 7GB data


  • The £18 talker goodybag = 2000 mins + 6GB data
  • The £18 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 10GB data


Always On goodybag - remains as it is (even though it seems to generate quite a number of complaints on the forum - although this may be a small number of people who actually have that goodybag otions active).....


The £5 and £7.50 goodybag options could remain as they are too.


Thoughts please


by: steve179
on: 10-08-2017 17:21

yep i think this is a great idea we all have different needs ????

by: kimchi
on: 25-07-2017 20:42

I love the idea as I'm more of a surfer than a stalker:)

by: bornagain1
on: 14-07-2017 17:30

I'm definitely in the surfer camp, I probably only use about 7 mins of calls! Although my texts will be around 300 - 500 a month. Great idea, I jumped for joy when they brought out the two £10 bags.

by: d0nnakebab
on: 24-06-2017 13:04

This coupled with roll over minutes and data would be great

by: richfc
on: 21-05-2017 14:35

you have my support

by: kevint1974
on: 19-05-2017 11:36

I think the plans are good and don't need to confuse giffgaff users. The 4g definitely needs improvement!!.

by: ajmobile
on: 26-04-2017 19:56

I like the idea of surfer or talker goodybags for all the price points - though I don't think the talker examples have enough minutes. Personally I would like the option of goodybags that are pretty much all minutes as I don't use mobile data.

by: egglassa
on: 12-04-2017 17:09


by: lsb_gaming
on: 05-04-2017 17:57

Its a really good idea except it might be better to have more minutes as you go up in price on the surfer goodybags

by: helen_leigh
on: 26-03-2017 19:28

I support this. I hardly use my minutes or texts but end up needing more data. I've now gone up a goodybag size to get more data but also now have even more minutes and texts which I won't use! 

by: hemccluskey7
on: 11-08-2017 17:34

It's exactly the same for me. I'd prefer to have more data. I use a lot of text messaging too but find I've always got lots of minutes left. I support your idea.