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Goodybag changes - Surfer or Talker

By: timwilliams25 | 24-07-2016 18:30

It's good to see giffgaff acting on the goodybag options and giving a choice of £10 goodybags - why stop there though? 

I do think this is now the time to look at all the other goodybags available and give these a refresh/option.

I would like to see the goodybags renamed either TALKER or SURFER

  • The £10 talker goodybag = 500 mins + 1GB data
  • The £10 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 2GB data


  • The £12 talker goodybag = 500 mins + 2GB data
  • The £12 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 4GB data


  • The £15 talker goodybag = 1000 mins + 4GB data
  • The £15 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 7GB data


  • The £18 talker goodybag = 2000 mins + 6GB data
  • The £18 surfer goodybag = 100 mins + 10GB data


Always On goodybag - remains as it is (even though it seems to generate quite a number of complaints on the forum - although this may be a small number of people who actually have that goodybag otions active).....


The £5 and £7.50 goodybag options could remain as they are too.


Thoughts please


by: wazzaking
on: 06-09-2017 11:37

i agree other comment because I am deaf and I don't need calls mins. I most used text and data I would like reduce mins and increase data.

by: digit2
on: 27-08-2017 07:56

£5 Goodybag I'd like to see 100 minutes 300 texts and 250 mb data.

£7.50 Goodybag 200 minutes 500 texts and 1gb data.

Some people don't use very much and don't have a big budget.

by: sopsoph
on: 18-12-2017 10:33

Agree! I'm on the 7.50 goodybag - why have they (£7.50 and £5.00) been excluded from the initial idea? Data is certainly more needed for me than minutes.

by: ranga001
on: 22-12-2017 07:48

Agree to the same. I'm in £5 goodybag

by: thejam
on: 03-02-2018 09:31

Agree. Don't leave out the £5 and £7.50 goodybags please.

by: mal_content
on: 22-11-2017 15:27

This would work for me as I rarely use more than 60 minutes a month.

by: beep149
on: 24-11-2017 15:32

And me, I second that!

by: adamtheant
on: 21-08-2018 10:25

I agree

by: initialyze
on: 09-09-2017 00:43

I like this idea as I often run out of data yet have 95% of my minutes left.

by: megmacauley
on: 05-01-2018 08:02


by: thejam
on: 03-02-2018 09:30


by: adamtheant
on: 15-05-2018 14:22

I agree

by: jennilopes
on: 25-04-2018 13:33

I live with very limited money per month, which is why I'm with giffgaff, I would lovr to see the £5 and the £7.50 goodybags have the same options tho, I never use the calls but most months my data ends before I have money to top up again

by: jojacks
on: 02-12-2017 03:51

I like the idea of the surfer goodybag, £18 for 10gbs and 100 mins

by: alex_ivanov
on: 31-10-2017 00:21

Most people with smartphones are always running out of data, whereas they have loads of minutes left. I would give up most of my minutes for extra data...

by: weedadict360
on: 12-10-2017 00:38

good idea

by: casper2211
on: 06-10-2017 03:24

Sounds good idea.

by: tizzytoes66
on: 25-09-2017 09:10

excellent idea as I'm a surfer

Hardly use minutes or texts as I message over web

I run out of data quite regular but don't want to up my monthly pay out as this defeats the object of being with giffgaff,, as I could get a competitive rate with other providers .

by: joolsies
on: 24-09-2018 20:19

Why not the £5 and £7.50 goodybags too? If you're going to tweak - tweak the lot, I say.