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Payback status on the dashboard

By: various_mm | 18-07-2016 20:59



There has been a delay in the Payback balance update this month.


Giffgaff had posted an update on the "Announcements" section of the forum


However, there have been a number of posts on the "Help" forums asking for why the payback update has not come through 


My Idea is to enable any updates/ staus on payback to be reported on the "Payback" section of the main dashboard as well.


This is the place where people see the Payback balance and this is the place people would go to first, and this is the place that is best to hold any information on delays/ status updated regarding the Payback


Let us know what you think :)


by: mahak24
on: 09-09-2017 00:29

great idea

by: ungourin
on: 13-09-2017 12:37

this could be of help

by: ljay1996
on: 20-09-2017 03:02

Yes definitely

by: chaiwala
on: 13-02-2018 13:17

Awsm idea

by: kristie1622
on: 12-02-2018 02:55

great id a

by: baztron
on: 11-02-2018 19:06


by: gsclark
on: 28-01-2018 11:50

A very smart and very clever switched on idea!

by: lutishira
on: 21-01-2018 00:14


by: kriszi85
on: 20-01-2018 17:39

great idea

by: brown3008
on: 16-01-2018 23:13

this would be so good

by: mariah40
on: 03-01-2018 16:41


by: various_mm
on: 24-12-2017 15:49

thank you to everyone who has supprted this idea, and for all your wondeful feedback