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FREE Credit report offer through Noddle

By: tinawilliams425 | 04-06-2016 18:25

With giffgaff now linking in with Ratesetter to over loans, I think it would be really useful to suggest potential lenders get a free credit check before applying for a Ratesetter loan.

Noddle offer a completely free service that giffgaff could link in with.


Could ensure that people are fully aware of their credit score before commiting to a loan application. I don't think everyone knows about Noddle's free service.


by: tracy71
on: 25-07-2019 09:06

not in the correct forum

by: peterg92
on: 16-05-2019 10:34


by: emmalouisep93
on: 12-01-2019 21:52

Not sure if this is in the right place

by: adamtheant
on: 25-08-2018 01:09


by: adamtheant
on: 22-04-2018 23:52


by: peach31
on: 18-01-2018 22:58

How do I remove my information from gg credit report. Please?

by: jeff_elephant
on: 27-07-2016 17:17

You can trial most credit checking agencies for free 

by: foolish
on: 14-06-2016 17:12

If you were to just post this as a tip instead then people would be able to see it there as much as anywhere else.

by: freedmaniac
on: 05-06-2016 11:02

Equifax also offer this. I am not sure why GG would involve themselves in this unless there was something in it for the company.

by: littleangellufc29
on: 21-07-2019 22:53

Equifax is not a free service for credit reports mainly used by Lenders banks big companies to see potential customers the only one I have come across is totally money.com completely free no sign up bank details scams etc and the best for jo / julie public use as often as needed sorry just returned to giff gaff and old post

by: flaxvert
on: 05-06-2016 00:08

The much more well known Experian offers 30 days free

by: littleangellufc29
on: 21-07-2019 22:58

Just say no this company Is so expensive regardless of the free trial ..just see how hard it is to get out after the free trial..use totally money.com....totally free use whenever and as often as wanted no bank or card details asked for perfect legitimate company that doesn't run to part people with there cash perfect for jo / Julie public