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Convert a top-up to a goodybag when you top-up.

By: elbubsio | 19-05-2016 13:10

Hi all,


It's an almost constant feature of the help forums to have at least one or two posts from a new member who's topped up thinking that would give them a goodybag, who then find they'd used 5p or £1 credit and need to top up again to get the goodybag.  We've all read them.


So, how about during the top up process, adding another page to give people the very clear option to convert the top up straight to a goodybag.  Like this -

Option 2 and 3 would link through to the goodybag buying process.


Of course, I know there's the goodybag page where you can do all that, but obviously some new members are getting confused.  This would hopefully alleviate the problem somewhat.  After all, the goodybag page lets you buy credit too, why not the other way round?


by: awesomezynga1
on: 01-12-2017 15:17

This would be awesome, quick and easy and very clear to navigate.

by: bethanykelly
on: 23-04-2018 20:42


by: mikeclubs181040
on: 08-03-2018 19:11

Hello everyone, what a great Idea. I would love to see this implemented.

by: acjwd3
on: 21-02-2018 14:50

Yep, ran foul of this myself recently.

by: kensenomar
on: 01-02-2018 11:55

Yes this would be a fantastic option

by: shanegrahamlewis
on: 29-01-2018 13:01


by: dawneh
on: 28-01-2018 20:17

I rarely need to access my account, but when my Goodybag ever runs out (usually on holiday somewhere) and I need to top up, I find it very confusing. Yes, I can work it through, but there doesnt seem to be a quick, easy way of assessing my options. I have a recurring top-up, but that doesnt seem to be displayed alongside my Goody bag details. This idea is great. So simple. And why not clearly show all details on my account? ie: show the date a Goodybag has run out, and how much topup is available. With a history of Goodybag purchases and topupsshown as well.

by: paulocasal1987
on: 26-01-2018 23:39

This would be awesome, quick and easy and very clear to navigate

by: unknown_error
on: 24-01-2018 11:48

This should be a standard feature. If you want to buy a goody bad you shouldnt have to first top up and then buy it as another transaction. You should have an either or option at a minimum i.e. top up raw credit or purchase a goody bag bundle straight up. if someone wants to top up additional funds on top of a goody bag then that is their choice to do it as two different steps. obviously mecca would be to allow both in one transaction but it isnt essential in my opinion.

by: sdhumieres
on: 18-01-2018 23:18

great idea!!