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Logo and tagline on Website home page

By: pringlemccungle | 06-05-2016 13:06

"The mobile network run by you" is tiny! So hard to see, may not even be noticed by new visitors. Maybe it should be below "giffgaff" in larger font.


by: koshka
on: 06-05-2016 21:37

As  its not really run by us I don't think this is really needed.

by: pixel_rainbow
on: 06-05-2016 19:37

I don't think this is necessary as it's hardly the network run by us anymore, is it?!

They've just changed another goodybag without asking us. They're also changing the £5 payback we get when a SIM is activated, and they didn't even ask us.

In my opinion they should remove that from the logo all together, why lie to us?

by: azem256
on: 10-08-2018 14:06

I got £15 credit on it

by: ip633
on: 06-05-2016 18:09

I don't think the font is the issue, but the logo itself needs to be updated. Times change, the network has become much more mainstream, and that tired old tagline has very little relevance nowadays.

Just being honest.