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Remember Password & Username

By: shipon786 | 22-04-2016 17:09

Before giffgaff used to allow the site to remeber password and username when logging in and now it just allows it to remember username but password has to be put in manually. Please put it back to how it was, i understand it may be changed for security purposes but it is frustrating when logging in and mobile phones have security measures in itself to lock phone now anyway when phone is not in use etc.


by: hsadi42
on: 25-04-2020 23:11


by: muddycalhoun
on: 21-02-2020 21:17

Again I am not sure what has changed to be calling this implemented either, my android phone always remembers my password and membername as did my windows phone before it, a friend's windows phone picks and chooses sometimes remembering other times not.

This is the same as it ever was throughout the past three or four years.

What is it that we can notice from this "implementation"?

by: vijay42924
on: 25-01-2020 09:40


by: bertiebat
on: 27-08-2019 11:28

This has NOT been implemented. When I use a browser that does have a remember password option, the password is not remembered.

by: emmalouisep93
on: 10-03-2019 19:30

your browser does it

by: mikeclubs181040
on: 06-02-2019 16:22

Hello everyone, what a great Idea. I would love to see this implemented.

by: adamtheant
on: 01-07-2018 23:47

browser does this for ya

by: adamtheant
on: 14-12-2018 18:41


by: alexirving
on: 29-06-2016 15:16

Your browser does this for you

by: jeff_elephant
on: 24-06-2016 15:25

Your web browser can remember this for you. 

by: frances54321
on: 31-05-2016 18:34

Most browsers do this for you now.

by: adamtheant
on: 27-08-2018 01:01