Leave a legacy.

Payback on death.

By: pamfletch | 11-03-2016 13:07

At the moment when a member passes away payback is lost, I think it would be a nice gesture on giffgaff's part if the bereaved spouse/ long term partner or their families could inherit on the member's passing.

If this has already been posted it shows many people would like to see this happen.


by: momist
on: 14-03-2016 22:22

I expect that this would be difficult for Giffgaff to implement, no matter what the merits of it are.  However, we all get bombarded with reminders to set up how we want the payback to be paid (twice a year), and they could include a reminder to let our loved ones have the passwords to our GG account and our Paypal account for if ever the unthinkable should happen.  That then leaves it up to us to arrange our own affairs and acheives the same objective.

Supported, as it is a good thing to do!

by: pd789
on: 14-03-2016 22:00

It gets my vote Pam!

by: auntied
on: 13-03-2016 19:46

Nice idea Pam, definitely supported.

by: pamfletch
on: 13-03-2016 19:40

Thankyou for all your comments, to answer @rong42, the member's family should be able to contact gg agents to request this.

by: rong42
on: 13-03-2016 18:16

I like the idea and have supported, but how would it work in practice? how would giffgaff know that someone has died?

by: ruthiehoward
on: 12-03-2016 12:41

This may be difficult to implement but its worth trying to work out how it could be done

by: diva56
on: 12-03-2016 00:06

I agree with you   :)

by: premierphotosuk
on: 12-03-2016 00:00

Well this you don't see everyday as an idea? I think with a little working out this could be interesting.

also if someone has no one to leave it to they could nominate say a charity ect.

got my vote, will be interesting we're this will go.

by: carrow1
on: 11-03-2016 22:50

Yes it would show giffgaff as being compassionate.

by: andath
on: 11-03-2016 22:41

Great idea. Might only be a few pounds, but every little helps, as they say. Hopefully it would apply to so few people that it won't cost giffgaff anything.