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Top up clarification and help line

By: clobo2015 | 30-12-2015 13:49

I think it would be a good idea if after a goodybag or top up has been bought or set to reoccur to recieve a text message saying- "Your top up has been successful and by which amount on what package", ive set my goodybag up but recieved no text or anything of clarification and as its my second goodybag its handy to see which package i went with so i know which one i liked and was best suited for me similiar to the order history on the giffgaff website but little less difficult to find and instant.

I absolutly LOVE giff gaff, even having this idea page is a breakthrough, i have been with 02, tesco, orange, virgin, etc and with every single network ive been ripped off, or struggled hours and hours to find help with tops ups, packages, bundles,dodgy call handlers and all that nonesense, Giff gaff is simple easy and friendly ( especially after i recieved a message from them telling me im a superhero!) i get everything i want for my money and MORE ! Thankyou giff gaff ! Mobile Gods !



by: ataraxia
on: 30-12-2015 14:30

Glad you're having such a good experience with gg!

by: ataraxia
on: 30-12-2015 14:29

Not sure I understand the need for this - I get email confirmation of a goodybag purchase, and then a monthly usage statement by email which reminds me what I bought and outlines what I used. These emails provide more information than is possibe via text, and can be accessed on a mobile device.