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Improvements to the Ask An Agent Form

By: kim_x | 10-12-2015 08:29


Having been more active on the community lately, it has occurred to me how limited the categories of the 'Ask an Agent' form are.

The override of increase sim limit, if I recall correctly from Approved Helpers, was advised against, but still appears when a poster gives the link. To help stop the misuse of this category and to make things easier to understand for members, I think that there should be an 'Other' subcategory under each category. Having 'Other' as a subcategory rather than a standalone category should help to keep things more organised for the agents, as cases should then be roughly sorted according to what they concern, rather than there being one mixed bag of 'Other', which might potentially be complicated further if members weren't given a direct link to the appropriate category from the community and simply used 'Other' as a shortcut to avoid looking through all the areas from the most appropriate one.

Further, I would like to suggest the following as categories for inclusion in the future.

- Incorrect Charges should be refined so that there is a box for those who have had their debit cards wrongly charged. At the moment, the form has questions about whether a call was being made or a text sent, and what their balance was / is.

- There is no category for phone orders or issues with phones ordered from giffgaff, eg: recently, a few phones arriving locked when they shouldn't be, and in particular, members wanting to cancel their phone order/amend their colour choice prior to dispatch; delivery issues too (UK Mail needing to be contacted because the parcel has been signed for by someone the customer didn't know, etc.)

- Sim swap - The transfer your number category includes both transfers into giffgaff and transfers out of giffgaff, but there is nothing for members who have waited 24 hours after a sim swap and who are still having issues.


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