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By: mobilemax | 08-11-2015 22:54

I now variations of this has been mentioned but couldnt Giffgaff open a store up on Ebay. Selling PAYG handsets with cash. Given members get paid payback to Paypal and ebay uses Paypal. They could offer budget end lines that is affordable to the masses and would encorage members to join. Plus gives the end user protection under ebay guarantee policy given the terrible service that been given by UKMail to get another carrier to send them out with.


by: kathleen414
on: 11-12-2017 11:40

Fab news @prescilla_g

by: alex920
on: 13-06-2018 21:12

Implemented. Good news

by: andywoods11312
on: 11-06-2018 20:25

That is a marvellous idea they could offer the high priced handsets at an amazing discount for people who can't afford to buy at full cost

by: jing2303
on: 09-06-2018 00:32

good news

by: sweet97
on: 23-05-2018 12:35

great idea ????

by: davesw47
on: 11-05-2018 02:43

yes I think I originally thought about this idea if we can get the nod from top ill start ball rolling

by: adamtheant
on: 10-05-2018 17:42

a good idea

by: davesw47
on: 01-05-2018 01:06

well as a member of selling on eBay and thousands of fb friends I think this would be a great idea. I'd be interested

by: geninha1976
on: 29-04-2018 03:10

yes that will be great if we can top up from £5

by: tonye72
on: 11-04-2018 05:41

great idea i can now get a new phone just by getting more friends n family to use the best network provider in my opinion and the goodybags are very good value happy days thankyou giffgaff and thankyou to the member who suggested this masterpiece