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Easy login

By: ptakhar | 03-11-2015 21:38

Can an app be designed for easy ans quick account access.


by: bertiebat
on: 18-06-2019 18:28

What was actually implemented. The 'idea' is hardly specific?

by: chinsndips
on: 02-06-2019 12:17

Been proposed many times.

by: muddycalhoun
on: 12-05-2019 07:31

I use the autofill and the remember me box seems to be quick enough, certainly better than making some app for t

by: adamtheant
on: 16-04-2018 12:47

there's an app for this

by: alexirving
on: 28-04-2016 16:13

Just set your browser to remember username and password

by: eluminea
on: 02-08-2018 12:15

That is it. It will speed up login process.

by: adamtheant
on: 13-09-2018 23:27


by: s_pat
on: 24-03-2016 16:52

There is an app! And mobile and pc browsers can remember your login details.

by: adamtheant
on: 10-01-2019 01:41


by: navvy
on: 05-11-2015 23:07

Get Google Chrome, which will remember your logins.  Whenever you find you have been logged out, just wait a few seconds when you see the login page, and it gets filled in for you.  All you have to do is press the login button.

by: frpc
on: 04-11-2015 00:22
I did not log into Labs because labs remembered my device! This is the proof that they have the ability to also do it on the main site.
by: flaxvert
on: 03-11-2015 23:45

Unfortunately the app just like the main internet site logs you out after a period of inactivity, its a way for giffgaff to keep a better and more acurate check on how many members are online at a given time. 

by: c55amg2005
on: 09-03-2019 11:47

You've got my vote.