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By: raqib1998 | 15-09-2015 21:38

I think there should be an option to send credit to a friend . How many times have u been short of change and Not wanted to top up and a friend feels generous. I would suggest allowing it contacts only to prevent them sending it to the wrong people/persons. also perhaps making a "are you sure?" Notification before its done to prevent complaining. If giffgaff want to also it may be a decent idea to charge extra which goes to them e.g. 8% of value or 20p per time sent.

Thanks for reading.



by: xollobru
on: 15-09-2015 21:48

Like these existing ideas?:




As has been pointed out on numerous occasions this could easily be abused ie activating a referral sim and then when the extra credit has been added either transferring the credit back or buying a goodybag and transferring it which would result in substantial losses for giffgaff, how would you prevent this happening?