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Click and Collect instead of UK Mail

By: cps15966 | 01-09-2015 12:50


After seeing a post today of ongoing issues with UK Mail, it made me realise there are a lot of posts out there with complaints about them and the problems they cause. To me the main problem areas are delivery not made even though people wait in all day, deliveries damaged and deliveries either signed for by persons unknown or not to the correct address.

The post I saw today said they put up an idea in the Labs section and was looking for support, but basically that idea said just to stop using UK Mail as did their posted complaint.

So here's a suggestion, why not consider using a click and collect service such as the one shown above.

This would have so many benefits and only persons who are entitled to receive the goods would be collectings them. The other main added benefit is that people don't have to wait in at home, you can collect at your convenience at a location local to you.


The major benefit would be overall customer satisfaction




by: cps15966
on: 09-06-2016 10:15

I like the way people make assumptions that I haven't searched for a duplicate idea. Everyone knows that the search function in Labs is a bit to be desired at the best of times, so perhaps rather than abrupt or incorrect comments, just hitting the duplicate button that is there for a reason might be a better option. I can see things like this putting some people off ever suggesting ideas again.

The link someone put up saying my idea was a duplicate in fact leads you back to this idea. Searching in Labs doesn't come up with any other before mine if you type 'click...' into the search box.

Perhaps a simple search to cross check of what you are saying before you post a comment would highlight the fact that you are wrong :) Have a good day y'all

by: adymarsh
on: 10-08-2017 21:03

@cps15966 Hi. Yes that's a good idea, seems like people have had nothing but trouble with this crappy U.K Mail company. A local collection point for example would be a great idea. Also as far as I can see... IT'S NOT A DUPLICATE!! RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TRASH TALK SOMEONE'S IDEA ???? Ignore the idiots and crack on with your idea. Good luck ????????

by: harrrrrry
on: 01-09-2015 13:40

This is a really good idea. Very few couriers are really suitable for home delivery -- they cannot accurately predict their time of arrival so people have to reserve a whole day at home.

Click and collect completely solves this problem, at least for people with a nearby c&c location (for others, there should probably be a second alternative such as DPD that will give an accurate delivery timeslot).

I'd go as far as suggesting that this is probably the best idea currently on giffgaff and look forward to seeing it implemented.

by: ewelina2552
on: 13-08-2017 20:05


by: lgreenwood505
on: 10-08-2017 19:24

have sometimes problem with mail failing to send

by: pandamobile
on: 10-08-2017 17:02

Great idea as due to UK Mail I ended up getting a refund for a phone through Giffgaff as it had been returned before I could collect it.

by: jonesthebones
on: 10-08-2017 14:44

Couldn't agree more with this idea. UK Mail's bungling and incompetence turned the experience of buying my new phone from Giffgaff into a battle of wills which I (inevitably) lost and after venting at the poor call centre guy I ended up doing a 59mile round trip across the other side of the county to collect it from their depot. For such an innovative company as Giffgaff this is a real Achillies heel.

by: rolandstanisic
on: 10-08-2017 14:34

good idea, because i bought mobile phone and it was dilliverd to other sided of town. When i complain they didnt even respond and i was lucky that person took my parcel give me it, what if they didnt want.... Royal mail is better if you not at home they give you notice or email and they got depo where you go and pick it up. Tnx

by: daveiyf
on: 10-08-2017 14:03

i think this is a great idea mate,,,,,well done,,good luck.

by: saxel
on: 21-02-2017 13:38

Seems a good way forward

by: jeff_elephant
on: 10-12-2015 16:15

Good idea but this is a duplicate!