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giffgaff Labs notifications

By: sarahbanahnah | 19-08-2015 09:34

Hey there guys,

As we all are here on the LAB, we love using it to help giffgaff grow but one thing we cannot do is get notified whenever someone likes or comments on our idea within the LAB. I mean just how we get emails of the threads we subsribe to, I would like to see an option in the community preferences to get an email through giffgaff whenever someone likes or comments on my idea in the LAB. This would be a great idea to keep track of your ideas. Right now, I have to keep checking all my ideas one by one every single day to see if someone has commented has commented on it. Sometimes if I forget, I have so many comments left unlooked at so therefore I think this would be a great idea to keep track of everything a not miss anything important.


by: adamtheant
on: 30-04-2018 10:28

gets my vote :)

by: smartypops
on: 11-02-2018 23:11

P.S. congratulations Sarah!!!

Just a minor whinge... No cries of grammar **** please... I do believe that how we present ourselves to non-gg-people is IMPORTANT. @sarahbanahnah could you correct "... we subsribe to..." Pwetty Pwease? ;-) tyvm Grandpa Martin x

by: jesstinaf41
on: 25-01-2018 06:21

don’t need my help keep up good work

by: tanersen123
on: 20-01-2018 09:59


by: eliyahutovim18
on: 28-12-2017 15:39

great not to shaby

by: yamin15
on: 12-12-2017 23:52

A wonderful Idea, used it already. Spread the News.

by: shaw1401
on: 03-12-2017 13:15


by: tinawhite12
on: 28-11-2017 15:31

thats sounds like an idea

by: debbieives9
on: 27-11-2017 11:53

i need to change my number cos getting nuisance phonecalls

by: missjo34
on: 21-11-2017 12:26