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Order pre-paid SIM's

By: matthewhill1996 | 09-08-2015 13:00

So many giffgaff SIM's end up unused - how about order, top up and activate your SIM online before it arrives?

As an incentive, you get top-up just £5 for £10 credit.

This means 100% of sims are turned into customers.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of my idea.


by: steveb12345
on: 23-10-2017 11:36

this might be a good idea. and you could also do an insentive that if people have unused sims they dont want. they could be sent back to GG and GG can re code them, if they are past there activation date. the insenive could be 50p- £1 added to the account of the person who sends them back(per sim)..

by: mugsimba2
on: 24-10-2017 19:03

Good idea

by: adamtheant
on: 21-06-2018 16:46


by: 85devlin
on: 08-10-2017 22:45

I totally agree. I have a draw full of giffgaff sim cards that will probably never get used

by: mugsimba2
on: 24-10-2017 19:04


by: nickyheywood
on: 26-06-2019 09:06

good idea, glad to see its implemented

by: adamtheant
on: 21-06-2018 16:46


by: adamtheant
on: 03-10-2018 23:10

Gd luck

by: jodie6745
on: 27-01-2018 21:20

If it is already payed for, you should be able to claim it at any point in time.

by: raeuk
on: 26-01-2018 20:32

What about those who want to just change sims for a smaller one?

by: joakthelum
on: 13-01-2018 11:30

Good Idea, gets you up and running right away

by: mij_sky
on: 12-01-2018 11:54

thats true , thats not that bad

by: zawiyabewley
on: 31-12-2017 17:35

that's a great idea. Its quite annoying having to tip up £10 when one of the best starter goodybags is £10

by: jolouise1985
on: 20-12-2017 00:57

Good idea.