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"Don't show this again" option for "Woohoo" notifications

By: silvercentral | 01-08-2015 18:57

There are still requests in the forum on how to switch off the irritating giffgaff to giffgaff "Woohoo! That phone call or text was free!" message.

To do that, users have to go to their profile page and turn off notifications from the phone settings, which may sound complicated to do for someone who's new or not tech-minded.

I was wondering if it wouldn't be easier to have an option to switch these off there and then, as a link from the message itself. As an example, apps can sometimes pop up a notification to prompt for a rating in the AppStore and usually you have a "Don't ask me again" option. Perhaps there could be something similar.

I apologise if there has already been a similar suggestion before.

Update 27/08/15

Hi, thank you for your comments. Sorry I haven't been able to reply before.

My idea is meant mainly to help new or occasional users, who have not become familiar with the settings page. The "Woohoo" message seems to be a peculiarity of our super-firendly network and it seems to be an irritant for many people. I myself got rid of it within two days of joining giffgaff. To do that I had to consult the community database, something that not all inexperienced users would have the time, skill or patience for.

Therefore, I think my idea still has some value.

Thank you.


by: diverdean
on: 10-11-2018 23:34

well done giffgaff

by: zarasmith_24
on: 07-11-2018 23:47

I ag

by: muddycalhoun
on: 16-10-2018 13:57

again did voting have much to do with this one?

by: adamtheant
on: 05-10-2018 22:53

nice idea

by: edramsgate
on: 09-07-2018 05:07

yeah I totally agree

by: rutheeroxx
on: 18-06-2018 04:18

i dont mind the woohoo it doesnt cause any issues to me but good to know it can be turned off

by: peterg92
on: 06-06-2018 23:25

Good idea

by: coloradokaren
on: 29-05-2018 22:10

great idea.

by: ellieclarke1989
on: 29-05-2018 15:52

that used to drive me crazy and I am glad we have to option to turn this off/on

by: heytherenuys
on: 17-05-2018 10:02