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Affordable Smartphones

By: bnicxxx | 19-06-2015 14:49

I am one of the unfortunate people who cant afford and did not qualify for a shiny new Samsung S6 or an iphone 6 (boo hoo sob sob, no i really am crying here) so i have to make do with a basic nokia, no internat, no camera, no whats app, no nothing phone, So i was thinking  that giff gaff could acquire some cheap handsets like the Alcatel Pop or some which are on par or better but just as cost effective, and get Giffgaffers to pay half the cost of the phone upfront; and then spread the rest of the cost over a 3 month period lkie a mini contract.

I think my idea is great and deserves a Samsung S6 cool



by: sumtisum
on: 14-07-2017 17:42

I do believe a shorter contract would be beneficial to many people, especially those who may not be able to afford a expensive phone .. but also I think that the contract options that there already are are decent as I only get charged about £10 a month for my IPhone 6( with a upfront charge of £25 the first month) and then £10 for my goody bag which gives 2g of data, unlimited texts and atleast 750 minutes.

by: williemarsha11
on: 11-07-2017 13:44

this sounds brilliant!!

by: chand311
on: 01-07-2017 11:04

Great idea....

by: tids
on: 29-06-2017 12:26

The purchasing power of of giffgaff should enable this

by: shakira8
on: 19-06-2015 16:36

That would be a good idea :)