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photo id

By: georgejohnhill | 10-06-2015 19:46

i think you should accept citizencard as form of photo id for proof of age for over 18


olice and SIA

Our UK ID cards display Police and SIA logos so they’re 100% national proof of ID and age.

CitizenCard is the largest UK ID card provider. All our ID cards display the PASS hologram endorsed by the Home Office. In addition, our 18+ UK photo ID card also displays the logos of the police, security industry and trading standards. So you can trust the cards to work as proof of ID and proof of age. CitizenCard is a not-for-profit ID card organisation - we work closely with charities and schools across the country to provide reduced cost or free UK ID cards to the most vulnerable in society.


i would request this image file and details provided is enuff for me to have over 18 bar raised



by: mij_sky
on: 23-11-2020 22:05

hmmmm maybe

by: tiktak525
on: 26-07-2020 13:49

Nice idea

by: barishna
on: 29-05-2020 04:18

marvellous idea

by: p7dwy
on: 01-04-2020 17:52

Very old idea, it should of been well sorted out by now.

by: bethanykelly
on: 27-03-2020 15:12


by: vijay42924
on: 16-03-2020 20:21


by: mikeclubs181040
on: 26-02-2020 21:12

Hello everyone, what a great Idea. I would love to see this implemented.

by: racha27269
on: 16-01-2020 01:08

You have my Vote, Excellent Idea. Fully Supported :)

by: nickyheywood
on: 04-08-2019 12:00


by: muddycalhoun
on: 13-12-2018 17:22

I think it is certain that giffgaff having an adult content lock should make it easy for members to access content that they are of an age to, it is a bit like a punishment for those who have no licence or passport