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Emergency goodybags activated by secret code

By: thingymajig00 | 28-05-2015 22:24

So it's 1am you just realised your goodybag has ran out can't be bothered logging in and selecting goodybag etc so why can't you have one emergency text to giffgaff that you send and borrow £2 to make that call or text. This would last for 24 hours only after which you would be reminded you owe £2 plus you need to add credit. Maybe text iou2 plus pin number to xxxx to say add £2 this would also.be useful when you go.away, you forget to add credit, when you land you want to tell your family you arrived safely but have no credit so texting x number would lend you £2. The number would be free and as long as you provided a pin it.would.work


by: farnis
on: 23-10-2017 20:06

Theoretically its already in use as you can do it yourself. Just put £10 credit into your account and then you have £10 of emergency credit at all times. Very simple without the aggro.

by: keithctaylor
on: 27-11-2017 13:51

I agree. Much better to keep some airtime credit rather than making things more complicated.

by: mukhtaraligp
on: 07-12-2017 17:55

Agreed. Alternatively you can use a cashpoint to top up. In dire emergencies you can always use reverse call charges.

by: wilsonman
on: 07-12-2017 14:57

Sounds like great idea as when I was at University this happen a lot running out of credit. And be reassuring to partners and parents.

by: n3lly187
on: 07-12-2017 06:36

good idea could be your child needing to make an emergency call

by: chelsea9674
on: 04-12-2017 07:47

i agree

by: peterxtesco
on: 03-12-2017 18:53

Surely, if you are using Goodybags, you can just keep a reserve in your PAYG balance and have that on automatic top-up.

Don't see the need, personally.

by: discodav3
on: 03-12-2017 02:48

I like the idea of emergency goody bags but don't think it should be £2 you should be able to renew your usual goodybag until you have time to either go to a shop and add credit to pay for your goodybag or maybe it's a few days up to a week before payday and you need your phone maybe you could get the £5 goodybag so you can still use your phone till the money enters your account it's not like you can you run away and hide as the phones registered to my home address and has my bank details so it would meen I could carry on spending money with giff gaff and keep up to date with any meetings/ appointments so that a persons business and personal life wouldn't be hindered and the money can be taken as soon as the money enters the bank account so then both giff gaff and the phone user can still use the phone and make any money that may be lost by not being able to call clients and giff gaff continues to make money without losing any time where they may lose call charges texts etc I think it makes sense for everyone involved if there is some form of grace period after a goody bag runs out as not many people keep up to date with tha actual time a goodybag finishes so definatley something giff gaff should consider obviously only do it with registered customers that have been customers for a certain length of time to protect giff gaff from any unscrupulous characters that may look to abuse the offer/ benefit offered by giff gaff thanks for listening and please consider my advice

by: anthony_kerkhofs
on: 01-12-2017 10:59

good idea

by: laurabanks17
on: 27-11-2017 02:36

Yeah I think this is great for a emerging

by: chinkz17
on: 24-11-2017 04:15

Yupp! Sounds good

by: klcruss
on: 24-11-2017 00:48

good idea