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Cap posting of new ideas to one per week per member maximum!

By: prawlin | 27-05-2015 00:00

Self explanatory title.

Methinks this idea requires very urgent rapid implementation. It would stop any unfair repetitive spamming of the ideas board that sometimes occurs.

When a person issues multiple rapid fire ideas (most of which are hastily drafted, poorly written and not researched or considered), it very unfairly pushes other members ideas further down and off the front page prematurely. This prevents the other members ideas from getting a fair exposure time for garnering their needed support kudos.

This ideas board should not be used like some casual chat room affair, sending in every other thought that comes to mind. It is a place to publish carefully considered and developed ideas/suggestions. The true Eureka thoughts. They should have been written carefully, and researched adequately. Truly great ideas don't spring to mind everyday. So one a week limit would be just fine for everyone who comes up with realistic and original proposals IMO.

Please kudos the Orange arrow upper left if you agree



by: nafis40
on: 23-07-2018 08:02


by: muddycalhoun
on: 21-06-2018 20:19

I sympathise with you and your views on poorly considered, written etc ideas but putting an arbitrary limit seems wrong and likely to have unforeseen negative influences. Like buses sometime ideas come along at once be it by neurology, astrology or whatever. A limit might lead to a humdinger flash of genius going un-posted, forgotten and forever lost.


by: alex920
on: 15-06-2018 16:08

I would hope this could be workable

by: tids
on: 26-04-2018 13:17

The labs would quickly be full of silly ideas

You have my vote

by: bethanykelly
on: 23-04-2018 20:58


by: goldengirl
on: 26-02-2018 17:50

Maybe cap at 2 if you must. I tend to get ideas in batches.Can have a "tuned in" day, or it could be that all those that have been rattling around take a while before I have time to sit down and post them.

The competition is not between people, it is just for good ideas.

I don't think that fold who post poor ideas will post better ideas if we limit the number that they can post, and it would equally cap the good ideas.

by: starkey93
on: 17-12-2017 12:51

I Can Certainly See Where You Are Coming From With This Idea I Mean There Is Alot Of Back Log With Ideas At The Moment.

I Think Some Of The Real Good Ideas Are Fading Under So Many Ideas That Maybe Not So Well Thought...

And The Time It Takes For Ideas To Change Status In Lab Takes Forever Lol Some people Literally Wait Years For There Idea To Start Moving Up The Ranks. I Believe The Current System Is That Of One That Is Floored At This Moment In Time

There Need To Be A Big Change In How We Go About Publishing New Ideas. Also A System That Will Pin Point The Idea If It Is One Of What giffgaff Would Consider In The First Point So That No Time Is Wasted On Ideas That Are Simply Never Going To Be Implemented On The giffgaff Network.

I Believe 1 Idea Per Week Is More Then Enough. But. The Creater Of The Idea Should Need To Use Some Man Hours Putting Together How The Plan Would Work. I.E. Who Will Fund It, Who Is It Aimed At, Why Is This Idea For giffgaff, What Made You Come Up With This Idea.??? ....

In The Real World You Do Not Go Into A Business Pitch With Just A Idea In Your Head You Reseach Fully So You Understand All Aspects Of The Idea You Are Wanting To Pitch To Them.

by: sibtahmed
on: 28-11-2017 20:41


by: shipon786
on: 09-11-2017 17:17

i agree with this idea. Definitely quality over quantity.

by: chinsndips
on: 21-10-2017 10:18

No need to limit that. But it's subjective I guess.