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Cap posting of new ideas to one per week per member maximum!

By: prawlin | 27-05-2015 00:00

Self explanatory title.

Methinks this idea requires very urgent rapid implementation. It would stop any unfair repetitive spamming of the ideas board that sometimes occurs.

When a person issues multiple rapid fire ideas (most of which are hastily drafted, poorly written and not researched or considered), it very unfairly pushes other members ideas further down and off the front page prematurely. This prevents the other members ideas from getting a fair exposure time for garnering their needed support kudos.

This ideas board should not be used like some casual chat room affair, sending in every other thought that comes to mind. It is a place to publish carefully considered and developed ideas/suggestions. The true Eureka thoughts. They should have been written carefully, and researched adequately. Truly great ideas don't spring to mind everyday. So one a week limit would be just fine for everyone who comes up with realistic and original proposals IMO.

Please kudos the Orange arrow upper left if you agree



by: williamwalker
on: 31-07-2018 11:35

sorry can't support if someone has two great ideas in a week they have to wait to post the second one.

That's like punishing everybody for one persons behaviour.

by: pherbob
on: 10-08-2017 15:09

you have a point here, and if someone had many ideas they could write them down and post one per week :)

by: goldengirl
on: 26-02-2018 17:51

The energy and enthusiasm is when you have the idea. If you have to wait a week it might never get posted as other things come up and take your time away!

by: ijustcantdoit
on: 27-04-2019 16:14

I will not be add my support to this one

Some members could have 2 good ideas but i am torn as it could also stop just idea after idea without checking if duplicates

by: ijustcantdoit
on: 27-04-2019 16:14
by: alantony1
on: 17-04-2019 11:33

Not bad one idea a week sounds reasonable to me.

by: o__o
on: 18-03-2019 20:37

Sounds like a fair idea, none of my ideas seems to even get posted anymore...feel a bit ignored ahaha

Anyway it's supported ;)

by: mbthapa25
on: 17-03-2019 11:31

maybe 1 per day would be the right limit

by: ukrun
on: 19-03-2019 13:08


by: claire1uk
on: 28-02-2019 18:53

I feel one idea posting per week is a little low. Maybe three would be better, as some members are gifted in the ideas department.

by: ma2013
on: 16-02-2019 18:32

This is actually a good idea, great thoughts and ideas come slowly and with a lot of thought.

by: jossy22
on: 14-02-2019 23:17

A limit yes, maybe two per week limit.

The constant recycling of already rejected ideas needs dealing with just as much.