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giffgaff app call history

By: j4mrk82 | 27-05-2015 00:00

I think a new option should be added 2 giffgaff app so you can access your usage and call history for each month. I know we get some kind of update every few months but it would be nice to check it whenever u want 2 through the my O2 app, like a bar chart of ur usage, numbers dialled, comparison 2 prev 3 months etc. that way it gives them a better idea of choice between goody bags.


by: peteandmay
on: 15-08-2017 07:51

Much needed.

by: bullphit
on: 13-08-2017 18:31

Great idea

by: egglassa
on: 08-02-2017 09:41

This would be useful 

by: robincm
on: 17-01-2016 10:22

I'm all for this.