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Free access to social networks and instant messaging.

By: milimetr | 27-05-2015 00:00

Free access to social networks and instant messaging <<<<< what you think about it.
Since GG raised and raise more money for the packages. The last time he did a very costly operator and, therefore, thought that such a small bonus from the operator that belonged to us. In total, there are great demands on our part, and the part of the GG was not that big load - a loss.
The point is that most of us are browsing social networking sites are connected via instant messaging, using your phone to check your email and nothing after that. So my package from the internet is mostly used just for communication.
I personally do not see the point of watching a movie online on the small screen or viewing YT. Of course, most of us still play online games on our phones which also uses our packages, but that's not the point.
I know that there are others who give operators the opportunity to surf communicate for free, or give you 1GB package for that top up your account with £ 10.
I for example. I use the phone mainly for the Internet and for international calls, calling rates that have GG are not bad but not the best.

And since buying out packages and give the money so to have this package can such a small bonus as part of this we would have belonged?
As for the cost of calls and packages. 3.2.1 Three has a plan, not limited internet, Orange offers 1GB for that top up your account by 10 pounds, 10 pounds, and those will be in your account, so you can still talk.
If giffgaff wants to stop us, our customers are powinnien about us fight for encouraging us to be with them as long as possible. I personally have already prepared a PAC code and I'm ready to go, and do not overspend.

I look forward to your feedback and have a nice day :smileyvery-happy:


by: muddycalhoun
on: 02-11-2018 11:42

I don't see the need for free access to social media people waste enough of their lives on it without any encouraging