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Better calling rates while outside Europe

By: thesummerbee | 27-05-2015 00:00

Gg has always been my best mate when travelling in Europe because the rates are very reasonable. However, this wasn't the case in my last travel to SE Asia. A one minute call cost £1.00.

I'm hoping that Gg would be able to liaise with more telecommunication companies outside Europe to give us users a better rate. I know this isn't an easy task, but everything starts from somewhere!

Gg, please consider my suggestion to give Gg travellers a better experience, thank you.


by: momo49
on: 15-11-2019 14:51

Great idea!

by: star8413
on: 21-10-2019 10:00

great idea

by: bing5582
on: 20-10-2019 20:21

Good idea

by: p7dwy
on: 15-10-2019 18:21

Very old idea, it should of been well sorted out by now.

by: strangely_brown
on: 10-10-2019 22:03

Better roaming rates for the USA would be welcome. Even if using goodybags in the USA is not possible roaming data and call rates closer to home tariffs would be nice.

by: iqbal92307
on: 09-10-2019 14:12

Good idea

by: marktyme
on: 28-09-2019 16:50

this is a great idea... I travel a lot outside of Europe.... ie USA ext & have to buy PAUG sims from other providers that give me a cheaper Rate.....

Wouldn't it be better for Gg to get the credit instead?

Goodie bag's for Travelling outside of Europe pretty please

by: sherri36
on: 06-08-2019 21:58

I agree with u and also put forward same idea, as I travel alot outside europe and have to top up a lot money before i leave and that also goes so quick. I vote for this idea surreal gift gaff can get better deals with world telecommunications companies this day age and can put a Travel goodybag for like say 1 week, 2 weeks and month period so u can either add it on or replace your goody bag for your particular travel period. This would help myself and so many of its customers.

by: samio18
on: 26-05-2019 17:21

I completely agree with this, especially data-wise, because you can easily use a lot of data in a matter of minutes which drains £10 credit you put on.

I've just come back from Egypt and I topped up twice by £10 (£20 in total) when I already had £4.99 and now I have £0.77 left. This credit was used over around 3 days at most (mainly because I had to let family know I was okay seeing as a bomb went off in Cairo) so I do think it's 20p per MB of data is a lot, even more so when data usage gets higher and higher the more time goes by.

Maybe a "Travelbag" type of Goodybag where you pay £10 per week/fortnight/month that gives you 2GB of data and 200 free texts and 200 free minutes which is separate to your normal Goodybag allowances?

Just spouting ideas here but I think it's something a lot of people would spend money on, and if you don't use all of the data, minutes and texts whilst away then you lose it when it expires (because we can't be greedy and request it be added to our current UK plans lol).

by: ukrun
on: 18-04-2019 11:45

This is great